The poster presentation is a platform for scientists to present their work to the community and actively engage in thorough discussions with other scientists.

Prior to the conference posters together with a brief pre-recorded poster-tour (max. 5 min) will be uploaded to the G-Node data infrastructure GIN. Supplemental material may be added, if necessary. Access is limited to registered conference participants only.

In the repository you will find all posters, recorded talks and workshops, and supplementary material of the exhibition.

For the conference poster sessions, specific time slots will be allocated for the presenters who will then be available at designated virtual ‘poster walls’ which provide video call and screen sharing options. To make the discussions more effective, we encourage the participants to view the pre-recorded short talks before entering the discussion chat rooms.

Update from September 7: The authors have been notified whether their abstract has been accepted. In case you have NOT received any email, please contact