Bernstein Conference 2014




Sep 2 – 5

Invited Lectures

Larry Abbott & Nathaniel Sawtell | New York, USA
From Sensation to Perception: Sensory predictions in an electric fish

Demian Battaglia | Pascale Quilichini, Christophe Bernard
Brain state-dependent “liquid” information processing

Jan-Matthias Braun | Poramate Manoonpong, Timo von Marcard, Markus Tüttemann, Florentin Wörgötter, Bernhard Graimann
Internal Models Enhance Accuracy and Reaction Time for a Gait-Aware Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthosis

Paul Cisek | University of Montréal, Canada
Neural mechanisms for making decisions in a dynamic world

Dario Farina | University of Göttingen, Germany
The Extraction of Neural Information from the Surface EMG for the Control of Upper-Limb Prostheses: Emerging Avenues and Challenges

Leon A. Gatys | Alexander S. Ecker, Tatjana Tchumatchenko, Matthias Bethge
Synaptic unreliability facilitates information transmission in balanced cortical populations

Lorenz Goenner | Julien Vitay, Fred Hamker
Goal anticipation in a computational model of place-cell sequences during sharp wave-ripples

Christoph Hartmann | Andreea Lazar, Jochen Triesch
Self-organized learning and inference explain key properties of neural variability

Ralf M Haefner | University of Rochester, New York, USA

Inferring the brain’s task-strategy from neuronal responses during perceptual decision-making

Fritjof Helmchen | Brain Research Institute, Switzerland
In vivo calcium imaging of information processing in mouse neocortex during behavior

Adam Kepecs | Cold Spring Harbor, USA
Mapping the behavioral repertoire of cortical interneurons

Christian Machens | Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal

Bernd Meyer | University Oldenburg, Germany
Machine listening and computational auditory neuroscience models – a relation with mutual benefits

Daniel Palanker | Stanford University, USA
Restoration of Sight with Photovoltaic Subretinal Prosthesis

Bijan Pesaran | New York University, USA
A role for coherent neural activity in coordinating look and reach movements

Maneesh Sahani | University College London, UK
Beyond the STRF: Receptive field sensitivities are locally and rapidly reshaped by immediate sensory context

Jan Schnupp | University of Oxford, UK
Neural representations of the pitch, timbre and source location of complex sounds

Michael N. Shadlen | Columbia University, USA

Mriganka Sur | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Ioannis Vlachos, Arvind Kumar
Adaptive feedback control of pathological oscillations in spiking neural networks

Valentin Braitenberg Award Winner

Alexander Borst | Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Martinsried, Germany

Brains4Brains Award Winner

Philipp Berens | Universität Tübingen, Germany

Satellite Workshops


  • J. Kerr, R. Guetig
  • R. Froemke
  • W. Senn
  • J.-P. Pfister
  • J. Sjostrom
  • I. McLaren
  • G.-Q. Bi
  • R.Rubin


  • S. Coombes
  • S. Visser
  • J. Touboul
  • A. Hutt
  • K. Wedgwood


  • R. McIntosh
  • V. Jirsa
  • P. Ritter
  • A. Solodkin
  • G. Deco


  • M. Oberlaender
  • D. Feldmeyer
  • J. Chen
  • B. Sakmann
  • C. de Kock
  • H.-C. Hege
  • H. Sompolinsky
  • I. Segev


  • M. Sahani
  • F. Franke
  • V. Balasubramanian
  • P. Berens
  • O. Marre
  • R. A. da Silveira
  • T. Euler
  • A. Saleem


  • P. Szyszka
  • E. Yavuz
  • M. Giurfa
  • P. Graham
  • D. Martinez
  • C. Sabo
  • M. Nawrot
  • B. Webb
  • A. J. Cope
  • N. Cohen


  • R. Benosman
  • A. Linares-Barranco
  • J. Conradt
  • S. Temple
  • T. Pfeil
  • G. Indiveri
  • P. del Guidice
  • M. Giulioni


  • H. Bleckmann
  • J. Mogdans
  • J. Engelmann
  • J. Goulet
  • L. Maler
  • T. Preuss
  • N. Sawtell
  • S. Schuster
  • J. van Leeuwen


  • D. Buonomano
  • D. Durstewitz
  • H. Eichenbaum
  • S. Glasauer
  • J. Paton
  • M. Shadlen
  • Z. Shi
  • V. van Wassenhove
  • M. Wittmann


  • S. Bensmaia
  • J. Bizley
  • R. Benosman
  • M. Diamond
  • J. Read
  • S. Shamma
  • R. Tkacik
  • R. Turner
  • D. Zoccolan


  • G. Schöner
  • W. Erlhagen
  • J.-C. Quinton
  • P. beim Graben
  • N. Rougier


  • T. Moser
  • M. Jeschke
  • F. Wolf
  • A. Neef
  • A. Gail
  • S. Chakrabarti
  • D. Farina
  • S. Amsüss
  • M. Wand
  • P. Manoonpong
  • P. Göbel