Bernstein Conference 2022


TU Berlin


Sep 13 – 16

Keynote Lecture

Sonja Hofer | University College London, UK
Making sense of what you see: cortical and thalamic circuits for vision

Invited Talks

Bing Brunton | University of Washington, USA
Tracking turbulent plumes with deep reinforcement learning

Christine Constantinople | New York University, USA
Distinct controllers for motivation and deliberation

Carina Curto | Pennsylvania State University, USA
Sequences and modularity of dynamic attractors in inhibition-dominated neural networks

Liset M de la Prida | Instituto Cajal, Spain
Understanding hippocampal activities using machine learning and data science tools

Juan Alvaro Gallego | Imperial College London, UK
Understanding the emergence of neural population dynamics underlying behaviour

Mehrdad Jazayeri | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Timing via counting using attractor networks in the entorhinal cortex

Gaby Maimon | The Rockefeller University, New York, USA
How brains add vectors

Andrew Saxe | University College London, UK
Why learn representations? Abstraction and generalization in a nonlinear deep network

Henning Sprekeler | Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Top-down models of inhibitory circuits

Carsen Stringer | Janelia Research Campus, USA
Uncovering features of high-dimensional neural and behavioral data

Brains for Brains Young Researcher Award Winner

Simone Azeglio | Institut de l’Audition, Institut Pasteur, France
Activity-driven deep models for learning sound transformations across the auditory pathway

Contributed Talks

David Dahmen | Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Strong recurrency of cortical networks constrains activity in low-dimensional subspaces

Paul Haider | University of Bern, Switzerland
Latent Equilibrium: A unified learning theory for arbitrarily fast computation with arbitrarily slow neurons

Kanghoon Jung | Johns Hopkins University, USA
Dopamine-mediated cellular programming of heuristic decisions

Ioannis Pisokas | University of Edinburgh, UK
How ants remember their way home

Aviv Ratzon | Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Representational Drift As a Result of Implicit Regularization

Hazem Toutounji | University of Nottingham, UK
Selective Attention Aids Rapid Learning in Complex Environments

Sigrid Trägenap | Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies, Germany
Experience drives the development of novel, reliable cortical sensory representations from endogenous networks

Ivan Voitov | Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UK
Cortical feedback loops bind distributed high-dimensional representations of working memory

Katharina Wilmes | University of Bern, Switzerland
Uncertainty-modulated prediction errors in cortical microcircuits

Satellite Workshops

Confirmed speakers:

  • Martina Brofiga
  • Michela Chiappalone
  • Richard Gao
  • Barbara Genocchi
  • Pascal Monceau
  • Elisha Moses
  • Samora Okujeni
  • Liset M de la Prida
  • Jordi Soriano
  • Paul Spitzner
  • Shani Stern
  • Oleg Vinogradov
  • Michael Ziller

Confirmed speakers:

  • Sophie Bagur
  • João Barbosa
  • Guillaume Bellec
  • Olivia Gozel
  • Mehrdad Jazayeri
  • Stephen Keeley
  • Christian Machens
  • Samuel Muscinelli
  • Cristina Savin
  • Maryam Shanechi
  • Joana Soldado-Magraner
  • Heike Stein
  • Ivan Voitov

Confirmed speakers:

  • Guillermo Barrios Morales
  • Alex Cayco-Gajic
  • Juan Gallego
  • Matthieu Gilson
  • Chengcheng Huang
  • Matthias Loidolt
  • Alessandro Sanzeni
  • Friedrich Schuessler
  • Carsen Stringer
  • Roxana Zeraati

Confirmed speakers:

  • Sacha van Albada
  • Joana Cabral
  • Victor Jirsa
  • Majid Mohajerani
  • Federico Stella
  • Mark Woolrich

Confirmed speakers:

  • Ornella Bertrand
  • David Hansel
  • Suzana Herculano-Houzel
  • Michael Ibbotson
  • Agostina Palmigiano
  • Jonas Rose
  • Kerstin Schmidt
  • Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani
  • Mark Shein-Idelson
  • Fabian Sinz

Confirmed speakers:

  • Chaitanya Chintaluri
  • Kristine Heiney
  • Daniel Levenstein
  • Astrid Prinz
  • Carolina Rezaval
  • Alon Rubin
  • Michael Rule
  • Gina G Turrigiano
  • Inna Slutsky
  • Lee Susman
  • Friedmann Zenke

Confirmed speakers:

  • Hermann Cuntz
  • Sandra Diaz
  • Thorsten Hater
  • Brent Huisman
  • Han Lu
  • Stefan Rotter
  • Sebastian Schmitt

Confirmed speakers:

  • Franziska Brändle
  • Irene Cogliati Dezza
  • Maria Eckstein
  • Alireza Modirshanechi
  • Sean O’Toole
  • Ilya Monosov

Confirmed speakers:

  • Michael A. Casey
  • Tamar Flash
  • Joram Keijser
  • David Klindt
  • Justin Lieber
  • Alexandra Libby
  • Sophia Sanborn
  • Thomas Serre
  • Tatyana Sharpee
  • Christian Shewmake
  • Hiba Sheheitli