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Bernstein Network News. Find the latest news from our researchers regarding current research results, new research projects and initiatives as well as awards and prizes.

Menschen die auf Handys schauen/ People checking their phones
Berlin April 15, 2019

Abundance of information narrows our collective attention span

New study investigates 'social acceleration'

Spektrogramm der neuronalen Feldpotentiale im Hippocampus/ Spectrogram of neuronal field potentials in the hippocampus
Munich March 22, 2019

Primed for memory formation

A new study carried out in a collaboration between researchers from LMU and UC San Diego suggests that new sensory experiences are encoded in pre-existing patterns of neuronal activity, which are recalled, modulated and enhanced following periods of behavioral activity.

Prof. Dr. Fred Hamker
Chemnitz March 18, 2019

Pushing digital process optimization

Chemnitz University of Technology develops learning algorithm for improved car body manufacturing in BMBF-funded project

Züge und Heatmap des Bildes/ Trains and the corresponding heatmap
Berlin March 11, 2019

How intelligent is Artificial Intelligence?

Scientists put AI systems to the test

Nervenzellen/ Nerve cells
Munich March 7, 2019

Opening the Black Box of Dendritic Computing

How do nerve cells compute? This fundamental question drives LMU neurobiologists led by Andreas Herz. They have now presented a novel method to disentangle complex neural processes in a much more powerful way than was previously possible.

Zweiphotonenmikroskopisches Bild retinaler Ganglienzellen
Munich February 21, 2019

Signals on the scales

How are the images cast on the retina reassembled in the brain? Researchers in Munich and Tübingen find that processing of visual stimuli occurs at the earliest waystation on the way to the visual cortex – but not all are treated equally.

Graphic/ Grafik CorTec Inovator 2019
Freiburg February 21, 2019

CorTec Is Chosen Innovator 2019 by brand eins and Statista

Just like last year CorTec has made it to the list of the most innovative companies selected by German business journal brand eins and Statista. Together with 16 other companies in the medical devices industry CorTec may now bear the title “Innovator 2019”.

Fahrradlenker vor verschwommenem Hintergrund
Göttingen February 19, 2019

Nerve cells as team players

Göttingen researchers explain how the eye recognizes motion: Special nerve cells in the eye indicate a shift in the line of sight. Groups of these cells contribute to the recognition of small eye movements and help to keep the viewing direction stable so that the image of the environment becomes clear.

Collage mehrerer Grafiken zur Synapsenreifung
Göttingen February 15, 2019

Yin and Yang during synapse maturation in young brains

Synapse maturation and the timing of critical periods during brain development is governed by the balance of two signaling proteins with opposing functions.

Grafik zur Plastizität des primären visuelle Kortex der Maus
Göttingen January 23, 2019

Mice transmit acquired adaptability to their offspring

Research team at the University of Göttingen investigates neuronal plasticity in rodents

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