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Job Pool

Job Pool



Here you will find current job openings in Computational Neuroscience. PhD and postdoc positions are in labs and collaborations of our PI members.

Master’s and PhD programs can be found under Study opportunities.

PhD-student positions/Graduate training programs

PhD position – Comp. Neuro. – Navigation using episodic memory

City: Bochum, Germany
Institution: Ruhr University Bochum
Lab: Sen Cheng
Deadline: 31.10.2023

Postdoc positions

Postdoctoral researcher in computational biophysics

City: Göttingen, Germany
Institution: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Lab: Fred Wolf
Deadline: 22.10.2023

Postdoc positions “Differential Geometry of Neural Manifolds”

City: Freiburg, Germany
Institution: Bernstein Center Freiburg
Lab: Christian Leibold

Postdoc position in Cognitive Computational Neuroscience

City: Hamburg, Germany
Institution: University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Lab: Jan Gläscher

Postdoctoral position – Data-driven models of human deep brain stimulation

City: Chicago, USA
Institution: University of Chicago
Lab: Jorge Jaramillo

Postdoc/research associate in theoretical neuroscience

City: Munich, Germany
Institution: LMU Munich
Lab: Andreas Herz

Postdoc positions to work at the intersection of machine learning and computational neuroscience

City: Tübingen, Germany
Institution: University of Tübingen
Lab: Jakob Macke

Faculty positions

Assistant Professorship (Juniorprofessur) Tenure Track W2 for Robotics

City: Lübeck, Germany
Institution: University of Lübeck
Deadline: 15.10.2023

Professor (W3) of Machine Learning

City: Ulm, Germany
Institution: Ulm University
Deadline: 15.10.2023

Faculty position bridging computational neuroscience and AI

City: Cambridge, USA
Institution: Harvard University
Deadline: 15.10.2023

Open Faculty Positions

City: Okinawa, Japan
Institution: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Deadline: 31.10.2023

Tenure-track assistant professor in animal or human cognition

City: Rochester, USA
Institution: University of Rochester
Deadline: 06.11.2023

Assistant professor of auditory neuroscience

City: Philadelphia, USA
Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Deadline: 27.01.2024


Currently there are no offers available

Other positions

Currently there are no offers available