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Conferences, symposia, workshops, courses. Our members are actively involved in many events. Here is the current list of upcoming events of interest to computational neuroscience researchers.

HWK Workshop: Cortical Prostheses – Interdisciplinary Research Towards Artificial Vision for the Blind

19.09. – 22.09.2023
Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst (near Bremen, Germany)

This workshop will address major topics and challenges in this field:

* Advances in neurotechnology
* Advances in the understanding of visual information processing
* Novel methods for combining theory and technology

It will bring together experimentalists, technologists, medical scientists, and theoreticians who are the experts in getting meaningful signals into neuronal circuits actively engaged in information processing.

Bernstein Members involved:
Udo Ernst
Fabian Sinz
Dirk Jancke

ACAIN 2023 – Advanced Course & Symposium on Artificial Intelligence & Neuroscience

22.09. – 26.09.2023
Grasmere, Lake District, England
Course & Symposium

The ACAIN 2023 symposium and course is an interdisciplinary event featuring leading scientists from AI and Neuroscience, providing a special opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research in the fields of AI, Neuroscience, Neuroscience-Inspired AI, Human-Level AI, and Cognitive Science.

Bernstein Members involved:
Sacha van Albada

EBRAINS National Node Germany Workshop 2023

26.09. – 26.09.2023
Berlin, Germany

The EBRAINS National Node Germany (NNG) invites to the first EBRAINS NNG Workshop as a back-to-back event of the Bernstein Conference 2023 in Berlin, Germany. You will hear about the EBRAINS RI, its usage, an Expert Discussion on “Digital tools to bridge the gap between experimental and computational neuroscience” and will have the opportunity to network during our NNG lunch.

Bernstein Members involved:
Petra Ritter
Thomas Wachtler
Sandra Diaz
Maren Frings

Bernstein Conference 2023

26.09. – 29.09.2023
Berlin, Germany

Each year the Bernstein Network invites the international computational neuroscience community to the annual Bernstein Conference for intensive scientific exchange. It has established itself as one of the most renown conferences worldwide in this field, attracting students, postdocs and PIs from around the world to meet and discuss new scientific discoveries.

EITN Fall School in Computational Neuroscience 2023

20.09. – 29.09.2023
Paris, France
Fall School

The EITN Fall School in Computational Neuroscience consists of a 10-day course in theoretical and computational neuroscience, from cellular to whole-brain levels. The course is structured in thematic days with lectures, tutorials, and project work.The course is typically aimed for PhD students, young postdocs, or master students interested to learn more about techniques of computational neuroscience, and the use of various simulation environments for model building. The students will form thematic groups to work on predefined subjects, with the help of tutors.The course will cover cellular models, models of brain signals, circuit models and networks, mean-field models, and whole-brain models. There will be lectures and tutorials associated to these topics.

Bernstein Members involved:
Sacha Van Albada
Hermann Cuntz
Jan Antolik
Gaute Einevoll
Moritz Helias
Marcel Stimberg

Thalamus Anatomy and Connectomics Conference

30.10. – 31.10.2023
Tübingen, Germany and online

The Thalamus Conference aims to extend the dialogue and discussion on the thalamus that began with the previous online Thalamus e-Symposium.

Bernstein Members involved:
Laura Busse
Petra Ritter

SNUFA 2023

07.11. – 08.11.2023

This online workshop brings together researchers in the fields of computational neuroscience, machine learning, and neuromorphic engineering to present their work and discuss ways of translating these findings into a better understanding of neural circuits. Topics include artificial and biologically plausible learning algorithms and the dissection of trained spiking circuits toward understanding neural processing. We have a manageable number of talks with ample time for discussions.

Bernstein Members involved:
Friedemann Zenke

Society for Neuroscience annual meeting 2023

11.11. – 15.11.2023
Washington D.C., USA

Neuroscience 2023 will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., November 11-15, 2023.
Keeping in mind difficulty around travel to Washington, D.C., to attend Neuroscience 2023 in-person, SfN Council decided to offer a sampling of annual meeting content virtually, including the opportunity for virtual posters.

EMBO Workshops: Subcortical sensory circuits: visual, auditory, somatosensory, and beyond

28.11. – 01.12.2023
EMBL Heidelberg and virtual

Subcortical sensory circuits play a fundamental role in the perception of the outside world. However, they are often thought of as relay stations that passively transmit sensory information to the cortex or simple effectors of behavioral reflexes. Recent studies, however, suggest that subcortical pathways also perform sophisticated computations, such as integrating peripheral information among many sensory pathways and the animal’s internal states. This meeting will gather leading researchers in the field to discuss different subcortical circuits involving various sensory modalities and revisit their increasingly complex and interconnected contributions to perception, behavior, and cognition. Furthermore, we will delve into various topics which often play an interconnected role with sensory perception and are crucial to a detailed yet holistic understanding of perceptual circuits.

Bernstein Members involved:
Laura Busse

IBRO-Simons Computational Neuroscience Imbizo

07.01. – 28.01.2024
Cape Town, South Africa

Imbizo is a Xhosa word meaning “a gathering to share knowledge”. The IBRO-Simons Computational Neuroscience Imbizo, or isiCNI is exactly that: an opportunity for African and international students to learn about cutting edge research techniques in computational neuroscience.

Bernstein Members involved:
Henning Sprekeler


08.01. – 02.02.2024
São Paulo, Brazil

The ninth edition of the Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience – LASCON IX will be held at the NeuroMat Center in the main campus of the University of São Paulo in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The school will last for four weeks and will cover the following topics: single-cell models (biophysically detailed, reduced and simplified), circuit and network models of biophysically detailed and simplified spiking neurons, probabilistic neuronal models, synaptic plasticity and learning, spike train analysis, neural population models, neuron-glia interaction models, models of extracellular fields, brain criticality, computational psychiatry, traveling waves in neural systems, and dynamics of neuronal functional connectivity. These models will be illustrated with the use of the programs NEURON, NetPyNE, NEST, XPP-AUTO, Brian and The Virtual Brain. The faculty is composed of an international team of world-renowned researchers in the field of computational neuroscience.

Bernstein Members involved:
Markus Diesmann

International Conference on Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering (ICNCE)

03.06. – 06.06.2024
Aachen, Germany

This conference is planned as a truly interdisciplinary event. We intend to bring many communities together that are working to expand our understanding of the human brain, and to engineer brain-inspired technologies of low power and increased computational abilities as well as their application in present and future AI systems. The location is the Eurogress, in the heart of the historic city of Aachen, with close connections to RWTH University and nearby Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Bernstein Members involved:
Markus Diesmann
Tobias Gemmeke
Sonja Grün
Abigail Morrison
Wulfram Gerstner
Julijana Gjorgjieva
Anna Levina
Martin Ziegler

FENS Forum

25.06. – 29.06.2024
Vienna, Austria

The FENS Forum of neuroscience is the largest international neuroscience meeting in Europe. Taking place in even years, the FENS Forum rotates between different European countries and attracts more than 7,000 international delegates.

Bernstein Members involved:
Tatjana Tchumatchenko (Member of the programm committee)

Past events