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Konferenzen, Symposien, Workshops, Kurse. Unsere Mitglieder sind aktiv in vielen Veranstaltungen eingebunden. Hier finden Sie die aktuelle Liste der anstehenden Events, die für Forschende der Computational Neuroscience von Interesse sind.

EITN Fall School in Computational Neuroscience 2022

21.09. – 30.09.2022
Paris, Frankreich
Fall School

The EITN Fall School in Computational Neuroscience consists of a 10-day course in theoretical and computational neuroscience, from cellular to whole-brain levels. The course is structured in thematic days with lectures, tutorials, and project work.

The course is typically aimed for PhD students, young postdocs, or master students interested to learn more about techniques of computational neuroscience, and the use of various simulation environments for model building. The students will form thematic groups to work on predefined subjects, with the help of tutors.

Beteiligte Bernstein Mitglieder:
Hermann Cuntz
Moritz Helias
Sacha van Albada

Simulate with EBRAINS

07.11. – 10.11.2022

This online workshop aims at giving an overview of how to simulate with EBRAINS, from the infrastructure level to simulations at multiple scales. It covers a large variety of topics, e.g. computing and data services of or related to the Fenix infrastructure, Neuromorphic Computing, and simulations on a scale from molecules via small and large networks of point or structured spiking neurons to simplified whole brain activity and virtual environments Participants can choose from a large number of sessions what is relevant for them.

Beteiligte Bernstein Mitglieder:
Abigail Morrison
Petra Ritter

First International Conference on Hybrid Societies

15.03. – 17.03.2023
Technische Universität Chemnitz

The first international Conference on Hybrid Societies is organized by the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center Hybrid Societies at Chemnitz University of Technology (CRC 1410 Hybrid Societies funded by the German Research Foundation), in which a highly interdisciplinary group of researchers from psychology and engineering sciences to mathematics and computer science to the social sciences and humanities address the challenges of shaping the coexistence of humans and machines in public environments.

Beteiligte Bernstein Mitglieder:
Fred Hamker

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