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Theoretical Neuroscience

by Gaute Einevoll

Gaute T. Einevoll is professor of physics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and University of Oslo. In his Podcast “Theoretical Neuroscience” the longtime Bernstein Network member focuses on topics in theoretical/computational neuroscience addressing students and researchers in the field.

Brain Inspired

by Paul Middlebrooks
Episode 177
Special: Bernstein Workshop Panel

Paul Middlebrooks is an American neuroscientist and launched his “Brain Inspired” Podcast in 2018. At the Bernstein Conference 2023, he moderated the panel discussion of the Satellite Workshop “How can machine learning be used to generate insights and theories in neuroscience?”. This special episode is the product of the discussion.

Brain Space Time Podcast

by Akseli Ilmanen
Episode 5
Bernstein Conference 2023: Computational neuroscience posters

The British neuroscientist Akseli Ilmanen participated at the Bernstein Conference 2023 in Berlin. For his “Brain Space Time Podcast” he recorded the conversations with three poster presenters and hence produced a podcast episode.