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The Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience

The Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience



Connecting the community – facilitating scientific exchange

The Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience connects the scientific community in the field of computational neuroscience across Germany and beyond. With the Bernstein Conference, one of most reputable international conferences in this field, the network has created a renowned platform for scientific exchange.

The Bernstein Centers for Computational Neuroscience are the network’s central sites situated in Berlin, Freiburg, Göttingen, Heidelberg-Mannheim, Munich and Tübingen. They each unite different scientific expertise at one location and have become beacons of computational neuroscience in Germany whose reputation resonates internationally.

Interdisciplinary work is cultivated and actively promoted at all Bernstein sites, be it with a variety of degree programs and further education courses, in large-scale research collaborations or in smaller cooperative projects. The scientists can rely on central infrastructural facilities of the network, which support and professionalize this scientific dialogue in terms of expertise and organization.

The Bernstein Network was launched in 2004 through a funding initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It extends all over Germany and has numerous international members all over the world.

The network is open to all scientists working in the field of Computational Neuroscience or related disciplines. The membership application must be supported by two active members and submitted to the Bernstein Coordination Site. More information can be found here.

The network’s namesake Julius Bernstein

With his ‘membrane theory’, the German physiologist Julius Bernstein (1839-1917) provided the first biophysical explanation for the way in which nerve cells encode and transmit information by electrical currents.

To honor this achievement, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) named the Bernstein Network after Julius Bernstein.

For a more detailed portrait of Julius Bernstein and his work, click.


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