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Network Publications

Network Publications



Letter, Feature, Flyer. Establishing the link between research and everyday life is always a new and topical issue. In order to get closer to the personalities behind the research and to understand research as a lay person, our print publications are freely available on request and can be downloaded here.

Bernstein Letter

Bernstein Letter 2020/01

Issue 2020/01

In the past two years, the media landscape of the Bernstein Network has changed noticeably to more modern formats. The network's traditional print medium has also moved with the times revealing a gradual change in both content and appearance. This transformation now also reflects in its name: Newsletter turns into Letter.

Bernstein Newsletter 2019/02

Issue 2019/02

Spotlight of this Bernstein Newsletter is OpenScope, a project of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, which allows scientists to propose their own experiments for the established research platform. Jens Kremkow, junior group leader at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, follows up on this topic in an interview and talks about OpenScope and the future way of research.

Bernstein Newsletter 2019/01

Issue 2019/01

The recent Excellence Strategy underlined once again that Bernstein scientists participate in cutting-edge research projects: six Excellence Clusters in which members of the Bernstein network participate to a substantial degree are briefly featured in this Bernstein Newsletter. The multitude and broad range of current publications by researchers in the network also speak for themselves.

Bernstein Newsletter 2018/01

Issue 2018/01

The Bernstein Newsletter presents an interview with Sonja Grün in which she talks about the Advanced Neural Data Analysis Course ANDA. Furthermore, the diversity of Bernstein researchers and their individual successes is not only reflected in the research news, but also in articles about research grants, awards and prizes. Another topic of the Letter: The Bernstein Conferences in Göttingen 2017 and Berlin 2018.

Bernstein Feature

In der Zukunft denken/ Thinking in the Future

Bernstein Feature 2019

The Bernstein feature takes a look at current AI research and application from the perspective of various projects and institutions within the Bernstein Network. Interviews with representatives of industry and the Enquête Commission AI of the German Bundestag shed light on the social significance of AI research in Germany and Europe.

Bernstein Feature Titelblatt

Next Gen/d/eration Computational Neuroscience

Bernstein Feature 2018

The Bernstein Feature portraits successful women at different academic career levels; from doctorate to professorship. The magazine sets a strong counterpoint to the impression, computational neuroscience was a male research discipline. The younger generation in particular shows a different picture of gender equality.


Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience

Flyer 2024

Flyer of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience

Bernstein Coordination Site

Flyer 2024

Flyer of the Bernstein Coordination Site (BCOS)

German Neuroinformatics Node

Flyer 2024

Flyer of the German Neuroinformatics Node (G-Node)

Simulation and Data Lab Neuroscience

Flyer 2024

Flyer of the Simulation and Data Lab Neuroscience (SDLN)