Multisensory integration along the sensorimotor pathway


Jan Clemens | Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany
David Deutsch | Haifa University, Israel
Marion Silies | Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany


Real-world experiences typically involve multiple senses. From social communication and taste perception to balance control and spatial orientation, integrating information from various senses is crucial for sensory perception, action selection, and motor control. In this workshop, we focus on a specific question regarding multisensory integration: What principles govern the organization of multisensory integration in the brain? Previous studies have demonstrated that multisensory integration can occur at different stages along the sensorimotor axis: early in sensory areas or late in associative and motor areas. However, it remains unclear what factors determine the point of convergence: the integrated sensory modalities, the behavioral context and task structure, or the characteristics of the resulting motor output? To discuss organizing principles of multisensory integration in the brain, we will bring together established researchers and young scientists who use a diverse range of model systems – flies, rodents, and humans – and methods – functional imaging, brain-wide calcium imaging, electrophysiology, and computational modeling. All researchers use systems-level and/or computational approaches to identify where and how multiple senses are integrated in the brain. To promote exchange among scientists from diverse backgrounds, talks are organized into two short sessions, each featuring speakers who employ different model systems and methods. The talks themselves will be kept concise and conceptual, with ample time reserved for discussion between talks and at the end of each session.

Schedule (CEST)

Monday, Sep 30


Silke Sachse | Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany
Learning through sight and smell: Exploring the correlates of bimodal sensory integration in Drosophila


Ilona Grunwald Kadow | University of Bonn, Germany
Integration of context in behavior and decision-making


Pip Coen | University College London, UK
Mouse frontal cortex learns to add evidence across modalities


Coffee break


Cesare Parise | The University of Liverpool, UK
Spatiotemporal models for multisensory integration in mammals




Amir Amedi | Reichman University, Israel


Uta Noppeney |Radboud University, Netherlands
Controlling sensory integration and segregation along sensory pathways