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Bernstein Network News. Find the latest news from our researchers regarding current research results, new research projects and initiatives as well as awards and prizes.

Collage von Bildern zu Jazzmusik/ Collage of pictures about jazz music
Göttingen January 17, 2020

Swing feel in the lab

The role of temporal fluctuations for the swing feel in jazz music

Anja Karliczek und Michael Müller
Berlin January 15, 2020

Novel cutting-edge AI research Centre in Berlin is funded with millions of euros by the German Government and the State of Berlin

The Berlin Institute for the Foundation of Learning and Data (BIFOLD) bundles AI expertise in the German capital merging the Berlin Centre for Machine Learning (BZML) and the Berlin Big Data Center (BBDC).

Kind meldet sich im Gespräch mit Wissenschaftler/ child raises hand in conversation with scientist
Freiburg December 15, 2019

Sparking research enthusiasm amongst young and old

The booth of the Bernstein Network at the FORSCHA in Munich was one of the biggest magnet for inquisitive visitors of all ages.

Eine künstlerische Darstellung davon, wie Zebrafischlarven Entscheidungen über die Bewegungsrichtung in einer Wolke von sich vorwiegend zufällig bewegenden Punkten treffen/ An artist’s depiction of how larval zebrafish make decisions about the direction of coherent motion within a cloud of mostly randomly moving dots.
Cambridge December 13, 2019

Larval zebrafish as a model for perceptual decision-making

How larval zebrafish can be used for the study of perceptual decision-making

Susanne Schreiber, Martin Rolfs
Berlin December 10, 2019

ERC Grants for Susanne Schreiber and Martin Rolfs in Berlin

The European Research Council supports three excellent projects at the Humboldt-Universität, two of which are headed by members of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience.

Angefärbte Nervenzellen im prämotorischen Kortex eines Rhesusaffen/ Stained nerve cells in the pre-motor cortex of a rhesus monkey
Göttingen December 9, 2019

How a penalty shootout is decided in the brain

Decision-making is controlled by different nerve cells

Körnerzellen/ Granule cells
Freiburg December 5, 2019

Between Arousal and Inhibition

Why nerve cells in the brain process information differently

Illustration zweier Affen, die ihre Entscheidung vom Verhalten ihres Gegenüber abhängig machen/ Illustration of two monkeys making their decisions dependent on the behavior of their counterpart
Göttingen November 27, 2019

Göttingen innovative project receives close to €1 Mio research funds from Leibniz Association

How does social information influence perception and behavior? This question is at the centre of the joint project of the German Primate Center, the University and University Medicine Göttingen, the European Neuroscience Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization.

AI Symbolbild/ Symbolic image AI
Warwick/ Luxemburg/ Berlin November 15, 2019

An Artificial Intelligence algorithm can learn the laws of quantum mechanics

Deep machine learning method can predict molecular wave functions and electronic properties of molecules

Medaille des Guyot-Preises
Göttingen November 15, 2019

Tobias Moser receives traditional Guyot Prize for Otology 2019

The University of Groningen honors hearing scientists of the University Medical Center Göttingen for their outstanding work with its oldest science award for otology.

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