PR Media Policy

Our public relations photo, video and social media policy.

Media production

All media productions at the Bernstein Conference must be requested and approved in advance by our PR department.

Representatives of the press are cordially invited and can obtain a press pass on site and without prior registration. For further information please click here.


Photos & videos

The Press and Public Relations (PR) team of the Bernstein Network will take photos and videos during the Bernstein Conference 2023 for public relations and/or documentary purposes

  • in online media
  • in print media

of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience. By your participation in the event you consent to pictures being used in the respective publications. If you do not want to be photographed, please indicate this by following the procedure described in your personal registration e-mail.

When taking photos or screenshots, we always abide by the press codex of the German Press Council. Personal data will be obscured to guarantee your privacy.



The PR team manages the following Twitter account on behalf of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience.

We aim at interacting with our followers in a clear and user-friendly manner to promote scientific news around computational neuroscience.

If you would like to share your impressions of the Bernstein Conference, we invite you to use #BernsteinConference.

The posts of the Bernstein Network follow the standards of a neutral fact-based and scientific discourse. We are working to ensure that our posts are inviting, instructive and sometimes entertaining.

The retransmission of a tweet does not mean that Bernstein Network endorses the information. We may relay news, links and personal observations that we consider relevant to the Bernstein Network’s social media participants.

The fact that the Bernstein Network decides to follow a user does not mean that it supports that user, or his or her views. We follow accounts that we consider relevant to the field.

Similarly, the Bernstein Network does not support all users who follow the Bernstein Network Twitter account. We will take steps to remove or block a follower only if it is clear that the follower is a “robot” or is not respecting our comments etiquette.

Comments and interaction are strongly encouraged. All direct messages will be read. Any emerging themes and helpful suggestions will be passed to the appropriate person in the Bernstein Network. While we will not be able to respond individually to every message, messages will be treated on a case-by-case basis, and we will reply to them when we consider it appropriate.

We welcome comments, and expect that the conversation observes the general rules of a respectful civil discourse and commonsense courtesy. Commentators assume full responsibility for their comments. All comments are in the public domain.

Note that the Bernstein Network does not discriminate against any opinions. Yet, we will not tolerate offensive, disrespectful or abusive comments about an individual or organization. We therefore reserve the right to refuse comments which are any of the following:

  • racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, defamatory, insulting or life-threatening;
  • serious, unproven or inaccurate accusations against individuals or organizations;
  • aggressive, coarse, violent, obscene or pornographic;
  • personal attacks or defamatory statements;
  • comments that encourage or suggest unlawful activity;
  • messages not written by the sender (or the copyright holder, as appropriate);
  • messages written in a language other than English or German;
  • messages that are unintelligible or do not follow the normal flow of discussion;
  • messages posted in capitals only (these are difficult to read and can convey the impression of shouting).

Any individual who does not adhere to these terms of use may be excluded temporarily or permanently from the dialogue spaces. Users may also be reported to Twitter if they do not adhere to the service provider’s terms of use.

We are unable to respond to all comments posted; however, we will attempt to take part in discussions where possible.

The opinions of participants commenting on these pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Bernstein Network.

The Twitter account of the Bernstein Network is public. It represents the network’s presence on the social media of third-party service providers. Users are encouraged to read the privacy policies of Twitter.

Information shared with the Bernstein Network via social media is considered public. This means that the information shared through the Bernstein Network’s Twitter account can be captured, stored, consulted and disclosed in response to a request.

Participation happens at personal risk and responsibility. To protect your own privacy and that of others, the Bernstein Network recommends that you not include personal information in your comments or in the content you post. Personal information includes e.g. home addresses, telephone numbers or photographs containing images of identifiable individuals.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us through this email address: