Bernstein Conference 2016




Sep 20 – 23


Invited Lectures

Danielle Bassett | University of Pennsylvania, USA
Network Reconfiguration: Functional Role and Structural Predictors

Daphne Bavelier | University of Geneva/ Rochester University, Switzerland/USA
Learning and Transfer: Lessons from Action Video Games

Matteo Colombo | Tilburg University, Netherlands
Bayes, the Brain, and the Future of Cognitive Science

Bard Ermentrout | University of Pittsburg, USA
Scent and Sensibility: Navigating a Chemical Trail

Máté Lengyel | University of Cambridge, UK
Bayesian Principles Underlying the Organisation of Neural Circuits

Nicole Rust | University of Pennsylvania, USA
The Superposition of Object-Based and Rule-Based Representations in Inferotemporal (IT) Cortex

Sebastian Seung | Princeton University, USA
Comprehensive Anatomical Classification of Retinal Ganglion Cells

Tatyana Sharpee | Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA
How Invariant Feature Selectivity Is Achieved in Cortex

Gina Turrigiano | Brandeis University, USA
Firing Rate Homeostasis in Freely Behaving Rodents

Tor Wager | University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Large-Scale Predictive Modeling: Principles and Examples from Affective Neuroscience

Valentin Braitenberg Award Winner

David Willshaw | Professor Emeritus, University of Edinburgh, UK

Brains4Brains Award Winner

Anthony Jang | National Institutes of Health, USA
Effects of Prefrontal and Medial-Temporal Brain Lesions on Learning a Bayesian Prior Belief on Reversals

Contributed Talks

Jan Clemens | Princeton University, USA
The Organization of Adaptation in Auditory Receptor Neurons of Drosophila

Moritz Deger | University of Cologne, Germany
A Spike Timing Dependent Model of Dendritic Spine Plasticity and Turnover

Stéphane Deny | Institut de la Vision, Paris, France
A Flexible Code: Retinal Ganglion Cells Dynamically Switch between two Computations

Logan Grosenick | Stanford University, USA
Recording and Modeling Cellular-Activity Timing Relationships Spanning Brain Volumes in Mouse and Human

Bettina Hein | Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Germany
Local Circuits Form Long-Ranging Spontaneous Correlations to Build Distributed Sensory Representations in the Early Developing Visual Cortex

Jens Kremkow | Institute for Theoretical Biology, Humboldt-University of Berlin & Neuroscience Research Center (NWFZ) Charité, Berlin, Germany
Principles Underlying Sensory Map Topography in Primary Visual Cortex

Martin Nawrot | Universität Köln, Germany
Balanced Networks with Excitatory and Inhibitory Clusters Reproduce Cortical Variability Dynamics In Vivo

Satellite Workshops


  • H. Berry
  • G. Halnes
  • C. Henneberger
  • K. Lenk
  • K. Nieweg
  • F. Oschmann
  • A.B. Porto-Pazos


  • B. Cumming
  • C. Kellner
  • S. Kunkel
  • S. Larson
  • P. Ritter
  • W. Schenck
  • M. Schmuker


  • M. Bartos
  • T. Klausberger
  • A. Lüthi
  • H. Monyer
  • R. Naud
  • C.C.H. Petersen
  • J. Poulet
  • T. Womelsdorf


  • B. Bathellier
  • C. Kayser
  • M. Lages
  • P. Medini
  • P. Mamassian
  • N. Nikbakht
  • A. Pouget


  • A. Champneys
  • H. Jörntell
  • V. Hayward
  • T. Putelat
  • C. Schwarz
  • J.-L. Thonnard


  • M. Chklovskii
  • S. Deneve
  • R. Jolivet
  • S. Laughlin
  • A. Pouget
  • G. Tkacik


  • M. Augustin
  • M. Helias
  • J. Ladenbauer
  • M. Mattia
  • S. Ostojic
  • T. Schwalger


  • R. Coen-Cagli
  • A. Hyvarinen
  • J. Luecke
  • J. McDermott
  • T. Sharpee
  • V. B. Soler


  • T. Tchumatchenko
  • M. Richardson
  • E. Montbrio
  • S. Ostojic
  • D. Avitabile
  • O. Faugeras


  • N. Kriegeskorte
  • N. Rust
  • M. v. Gerven
  • J. Kubilius


  • H. Jörntell
  • D. Lester
  • C. Richter
  • P. Stratmann
  • F. Wörgötter