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Bernstein Network News. Find the latest news from our researchers regarding current research results, new research projects and initiatives as well as awards and prizes.

Bochum/ Bremen November 23, 2020

Restoring visual functions of the brain – project funded by EU

An international team of scientists around Udo Ernst (University of Bremen) and Dirk Jancke (Ruhr University Bochum) is researching possibilities for implants that are intended to directly target areas of the brain responsible for processing visual information.

Göttingen November 19, 2020

Scientific Grand Prize awarded to Tobias Moser

Foundation Pour l'Audition recognizes his pioneering work towards the optical cochlear implant for the treatment of hearing loss.

Göttingen November 11, 2020

Learning computational tricks from neurons

University of Göttingen coordinates new European research project on ultra-fast, fibre-optic technology.

Freiburg November 4, 2020

Bernstein-CorTec Award presented for the first time

Prof. Kerstin Krieglstein, Rector of the University of Freiburg, presented the first edition of the newly established Bernstein-CorTec Prize for Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

Fliege sitzt auf grünem Blatt/ Fly sitting on a green leaf
Köln November 2, 2020

Nervous systems of insects inspire efficient future AI systems

Study explores functions of fruit fly’s nervous system in food seeking / results valuable for the development and control of artificial intelligence

Grafik SNPE/ Graphic SNPE
Bonn October 29, 2020

Algorithm detective determines suitable neuro-model

In research, collecting data can be difficult, but fitting the data into a model that explains the observations is a challenge on another level. In neuroscience, many experiments measure the activity of neurons. However, to understand what exactly happens in a neuronal network, the data needs to be explained by a model. So, which model fits which data? A novel method developed by Pedro J. Gonçalves, Jan-Matthis Lueckmann, Michael Deistler, Jakob Macke and colleagues automates this process.

Freiburg October 15, 2020

Bernstein Conference 2020 – conferencing around the globe

This year’s online version of the Bernstein Conference was a great success. It counted more participants (about 2800) than ever before in its history.

Göttingen September 18, 2020

Covid Control put to the test

Contact tracing and low case numbers make an important contribution to curbing a second wave of the corona epidemic

Frankfurt September 16, 2020

Tuning in on cortical circuit dynamics

Neurons use homeostatic mechanisms to maintain stability despite experience-dependent network alterations

Tübingen September 15, 2020

ELLIS inaugurates 30 research units at leading institutions across Europe

At a virtual event on Tuesday, the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems presented the broad scope of research its units will cover in the field of modern AI.

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