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Bernstein Network News. Find the latest news from our researchers regarding current research results, new research projects and initiatives as well as awards and prizes.

Spontane Aktivität bewirkt den Aufbau neuronaler Schaltkreise und die Reifung der synaptischen Konnektivität während der Gehirnentwicklung.
Frankfurt a. M. March 16, 2021

How the brain teaches itself to see

A computational model gives insights into how spontaneous neural activity shapes connectivity in the developing visual system

Berlin March 9, 2021

Making the Role of AI in Medicine Explainable

Making the Role of AI in Medicine Explainable - Analysis system for the diagnosis of breast cancer

Fluoreszenzmarkierte Nervenzellen in der Hirnrinde wacher Mäuse/ Fluorescently labelled visual cortical neurons in the living adult mouse brain
Göttingen March 4, 2021

Watching the brain learn

Scientists at Göttingen University discover structural changes in adult mice brains as seen in young animals

Die Montage von Zeitrafferaufnahmen macht den Wachstumsprozess der Dendriten im Bauchbereich der Fruchtfliege sichtbar.
Frankfurt a. M. January 29, 2021

The fruit fly and its comb-shaped neurons

The fruit fly is one of the best-studied organisms in the world. Yet it still leaves questions unanswered. For example, how some of its neurons develop special, comb-like shape dendrites. ESI-scientists just conducted a study to answer it. And discovered something astonishing.

Ein Rhesusaffe (Macaca mulatta) trägt einen Datenhandschuh zur Erfassung detaillierter Hand- und Armbewegungen/ A rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) wearing a data glove for detailed hand and arm tracking
Göttingen December 7, 2020

Ein Objekt greifen – Modell entschlüsselt komplette Bewegungsplanung im Gehirn

Neurobiologists at the German Primate Center developed a model that for the first time can completely represent the neuronal processes from seeing to grasping an object.

Frau riecht an Blumen
Regensburg December 7, 2020

What the nose knows

Early synthesis of scent perception

Symbolgrafik/ Symbolic graphic Machine Learning
Kiel November 27, 2020

New Collaborative Research Centre Neuroelectronics at Kiel University

The German Research Foundation is funding the new Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 1461 "Neuroelectronics: Biologically Inspired Information Processing" at Kiel University with approximately 11.5 million euros.

Göttingen November 27, 2020

University of Göttingen receives new Collaborative Research Centre

DFG funds ‘Mathematics of Experiment’ with approximately nine million euros

Bochum/ Bremen November 23, 2020

Restoring visual functions of the brain – project funded by EU

An international team of scientists around Udo Ernst (University of Bremen) and Dirk Jancke (Ruhr University Bochum) is researching possibilities for implants that are intended to directly target areas of the brain responsible for processing visual information.

Zwei Hände halten ein Cochlea-Implantat/ Two hands holding a cochlear implant
Göttingen November 19, 2020

Scientific Grand Prize awarded to Tobias Moser

Foundation Pour l'Audition recognizes his pioneering work towards the optical cochlear implant for the treatment of hearing loss.

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