Bernstein Conference 2018




Sep 25 – 28


Invited Lectures

James Di Carlo | McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, USA
Reverse engineering human visual intelligence

Brent Doiron | University of Pittsburgh, USA
Old jobs for new inhibition: gain and stability in cortical networks with distinct inhibitory cell classes

Tatiana Engel | Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, USA
Dynamics of cortical states during selective attention

Surya Ganguli | Stanford University, USA
Emergent elasticity in the neural code for space

Julijana Gjorgjieva | Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, Germany
Shaping developing circuits by patterned spontaneous and early sensory activity

Vivek Jayaraman | Janelia Research Campus, Ashburn, USA
Towards a mechanistic understanding of navigational neural dynamics

Simon Laughlin | Cambridge University, UK
Pushing the limits

Sukbin Lim | NYU Shanghai, China
Inferring synaptic plasticity rules in cortical circuits from in vivo data

Timothy O’Leary | Cambridge University, UK
Bigger is better but too big is bad: how learning performance scales with neural circuit size

Eric Shea-Brown | University of Washington, Seattle, USA
What makes high-dimensional networks produce low-dimensional activity?

Tatjana Tchumatchenko | Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, Germany
How to understand neural network dynamics via intracellular dynamics

Valentin Braitenberg Award Winner

Wulfram Gerstner | École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, Switzerland

Contributed Talks

Armin Bahl | Harvard University, USA
Neuronal mechanisms of evidence accumulation and decision making in the larval zebrafish

Alon Rubin | Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Revealing neural correlates of behavior without behavioral measurements

Louis Kang | University of California, Berkeley, USA
Replay arises naturally as a traveling wavefront in an entorhinal attractor network

Evelyn Tang | Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen
Effective learning is accompanied by high dimensional and efficient representations of neural activity

Johannes Zierenberg | Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany
Homeostatic plasticity and external input explain difference in neural spiking activity in vitro and in vivo

Giulio Bondanelli | École Normale Supérieure de Paris, France
Coding with transient trajectories in recurrent neural networks

Genis Prat-Ortega | Institut d’investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer, Barcelona, Spain)
Flexible categorization in perceptual decision making

Satellite Workshops


  • Audrey Sederberg
  • Bernhard Englitz
  • Nicol Harper
  • Wiktor Mlynarski
  • George Keller
  • Dirk Jancke
  • Michael Berry


  • Ole Paulsen
  • Attila Gulyás
  • Paola Malerba
  • David Foster
  • Amir Azizi
  • José R. Donoso
  • Joszef Csicsvari


  • Doiron B.
  • Logiaco L.
  • Brinkman B.
  • Mastrogiuseppe F.
  • Kadmon J.
  • Pereira Obilinovic U.
  • Shriki O.
  • Mante V.
  • di Santo S.
  • Kushnir L.
  • Kriener B.


  • Zehl L.
  • Wagatsuma H.
  • Legouée E.
  • Sprenger J.
  • Crook S.
  • Koester J.
  • Moucek R.
  • Hanke M.
  • Garbers C.


  • Okujeni S.
  • Levina A.
  • Gallinaro J.
  • Soriano J.
  • Safavieh E.
  • Hoffmann F.
  • Häussler U.
  • Ostojic S.
  • Litwin-Kumar A.
  • Merkt B.
  • van Albada S.


  • Clopath C.
  • Gerstner W.
  • Triesch J.
  • Miner D.
  • Herpich S.
  • Kempter R.
  • Larsen J.
  • Del Papa B.
  • Sandamirskaya Y.
  • Tani J.


  • Sirota A.
  • Einevoll G.
  • Schaefer A.
  • Luczak A.
  • Barry C.
  • Stark E.
  • Echeveste R.
  • Durstewitz D.
  • Duncker L.
  • Jazayeri M.


  • Kraynyukova N.
  • Stroud J.
  • Mejias J.
  • Ostojic S.
  • Stock C.
  • Hennequin G.
  • Gilra A.
  • Guetig R., Clopath C.
  • Zenke F.
  • Marton C.


  • Szyszka P.
  • Yovel Y.
  • Stöckl A.
  • Engelmann J.
  • Elie J.
  • Henninger J.


  • Woolgar A.
  • Cichy R.
  • Isik L.
  • Kietzmann T.
  • DiCarlo J.
  • Ganguli S.


  • Mormann F.
  •  Strange B.
  • Sarnthein J.
  • Reddy L.


  • Bittner S.
  • Rubin A.
  • Lewallen S.
  • Low R.
  • Engel T.
  • Machens C.


  • Pena R.F.O.
  • Lindner B.
  • Roth A.
  • Canavier C.
  • Rotstein H.G.
  • Nadim F.
  • Palmigiano A.


  • Berni J.
  • Jayaraman V.
  • Hermundstad, A.
  • Straw A.
  • Wosniack M.
  • Silies M.


  • Sinz, F.
  • Reimer, J.
  • Ecker, A.
  • Funke, C.
  • Vasudeva Raju R.
  • Tolias, A.